Our Background

ONE-OF-A-KIND, herbal innovation 

Herb Guardian, a research-based company, was created in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand in 2019 with a passion for fulfilling a demand for health products that protect and work naturally with the body. The company invests in research together with students, scientists, professionals and universities. Today, Herb Guardian have successfully developed relationships with researchers as a model for how industry and academia can work together. We continually look for new partner universities, hospitals and research institutions to join our collaborative works.​


Our Vision

To be the most admired research-based company by leading the modernization of Thai herbal medicine through innovation, while offering effective, safe and reliable products

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Our Mission

  • To establish “Herb Guardian” as the competitive recognized and respected company in the health care market

  • To dedicate ourselves to humanity’s quest for healthier and happier lives through the innovation and modernization of herbal medicine

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Our Values

We value wellness. We create products that will positively impact the health of our customers. We also value knowledge sharing. Herbal education is part of the fabric of the company.

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